Cases of Interventional Radiology – Unusual Solutions for Unusual Circumstances

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What you'll learn

Interventional Radiology” (IR) refers to a range of techniques that utilize the principle of radiological image guidance (X-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography [CT], or magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]) to target therapy precisely. read more »»

Most IR treatments are minimally invasive alternatives to open and laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. An interventional radiologist’s essential skills are in diagnostic image interpretation and the manipulation of needles, and the use of fine catheter tubes and wires to navigate around the body under imaging control. Knowledge about interventional radiology will help in efficiently diagnosing the number of diseases and guides in the appropriate management. The module offers students and novice practitioners an understanding of these imaging modalities’ technology and techniques.

Who Should Attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • Nurses
  • Life science graduates
  • AYUSH students
  • Students interested in Biological sciences

Key concepts covered include:

By the end of the course, you will learn:

  • What is Interventional radiography?
  • Where is it used?
  • Applications of interventional radiography in medicine


Dr. Manash Saha

MBBS, MD, DNB (Radiodiagnosis)


Dr. Manash Saha is a qualified Interventional Radiologist with vast experience. He is currently working as a Consultant at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata, offering a huge range of Interventional Procedures encompassing nearly all organ systems of the body which hitherto were unheard resulting in fast clinical recovery with minimum discomfort.Some of the procedures currently available in Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.

For: beginners

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