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From a small corner of the world to a roaring global pandemic - Covid19 took the world by storm in a few short months in the beginning of 2020. And now, in 2021, despite vaccines and increased research and awareness, we are still in the dark against this disease.

Even with the vaccine, the healthcare system is still under stress with exponential rise in cases on a daily basis. You can become part of the solution by upskilling and increasing your medical knowledge of Covid19.

Start learning and help battle this pandemic!

Mechanical Ventilator Training

The ventilator simulator is an immersive online mechanical ventilation training tool. This release incorporates the most recent evidence-based giudelines in pediatric and adult ventilation, as well as COVID 19 information and COVID-19 patient cases.

Citation: Wolbrink TA, Lehmann S, Brecher R, Daniel D, Marques B, Perez J, Tegtmeyer K, Craig N, Olszewski A, Smallwood, C. Ventilator Simulator: HTML5 Release. 04/2020. Online Simulator. OPENPediatrics.

The ventilator simulator is built and hosted by, which is a part of Boston Children’s Hospital. The same has been embedded on this site under permission from respective copyright owners.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages across the country, we are facing a real crisis in the form of underprepared healthcare infrastructure. ARDS is one of the significant factors for mortality in COVID-19 patients who require respiratory support. This is where the skillful use of a ventilator, which is a life-saving competence, becomes a critical part of clinical care. We have taken the challenge of training 1 million healthcare practitioners on the clinical use and management of ventilators, thereby contributing to flattening the curve.

This online ventilator simulation program aims to provide training on mechanical ventilation for all healthcare professionals such as nurses, therapists, clinical physicians, clinical pharmacists, and other medical staff working in the hospitals spread across the globe. Moreover, this online ventilator training featuring experts all over the world also helps all the healthcare professionals to understand the mechanism and working of a ventilator which they can implement to operate ventilators in order to save as many lives as possible, thereby adding great value to public health.

Through the online mechanical ventilator program, Dosily provides you with different learning modules through a series of webinars leading to a holistic learning experience. Additionally, we also have an online ventilator simulation training program developed by OPENpediatrics that will help all the healthcare professionals gain the necessary skills and competencies required in the usage of a ventilator and implement them in real-life scenarios, thereby contributing to saving many lives.



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