Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation

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What you'll learn

The knowledge of mechanical ventilation has become imperative for doctors and respiratory therapists because as many as 20 million people are admitted to intensive care units where they require breathing aid through a mechanical ventilator. Also, more than 50% of the patients admitted to ICU receive breathing aid through a mechanical ventilator. read more »»

Another factor attributing to the increasing need for skills in mechanical ventilation is that the worldwide life expectancy has substantially increased leading to a growing prevalence of patients suffering from chronic illnesses that may lead to life-threatening emergencies and conditions that are treated in ICU and need mechanical ventilation. This mechanical ventilation online course covers all the aspects of the technique, which will enable a healthcare professional to provide breathing aid to the patient suffering from respiratory problems.

Previously, the knowledge of mechanical ventilation was mandatory only for respiratory therapists; however, due to the growth in the number of patients with respiratory infections and life-threatening conditions, it is important for other physicians, doctors, or nurses to have an in-depth knowledge of mechanical ventilation which is proving to be a major life-saving skill as it prolongs the life of patient so that healthcare professionals can establish therapeutic management of injury until the patient recovers and restores the physiologic balance. While mechanical ventilation is considered a life-sustaining treatment, there are some risks associated with it.

There is a risk of infection as the artificial airway can allow germs to enter the body of the patient and worsen the condition. This mechanical ventilation online training course consists of all the cautions and risks associated with the technique that a healthcare professional working on a mechanical ventilator should know, thereby ensuring that the process is executed with utmost safety. There are other risk factors such as lung damage covered in this online mechanical ventilation course 2020. Furthermore, weaning from a mechanical ventilator is a crucial skill for doctors, and this mechanical ventilation online course provides insights into the process of weaning.

The online course also covers the fundamentals of invasive mechanical ventilation and non-invasive mechanical ventilation. This course is also a comprehensive mechanical ventilation training for COVID-19, which is developed by expert doctors and pulmonologists to enable healthcare professionals to provide breathing aid to patients with acute respiratory failure, compromised lung function, extreme difficulty in breathing, or protection from the failure of the airway. It will provide a complete knowledge of the physiology & functioning of mechanical ventilation.

Who should attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • other life science graduates
  • nurses

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of:

  • Introduction of Mechanical Ventilator
  • Modes of a Mechanical Ventilator
  • Physiology of Mechanical Ventilator
  • Weaning and Extubation of Mechanical Ventilator
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation


Dr. Sai Praveen Haranath

Pulmonologist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad


He graduated from Madras Medical College and then went to the US. Over 15 years in America he specialized in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and is American Board Certified in these fields. He also obtained a Masters in Public Health degree from UConn.

He is a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians and active on several of their committees and is Chair of the Executive Committee of the Council of Global Governors of the ACCP . He is a member of their Board of Regents and Chest Foundation Board of Trustees.

He returned to India in 2011 to pursue his lifelong desire to raise the standard of Indian and global healthcare through the ethical practice of excellent medicine. He has been interested in managing tobacco and smoking addiction for several years and was also selected to attend the Johns Hopkins Global Tobacco Leadership Program in 2016. Innovation and creation of value in healthcare technology is a daily mission and he currently mentors several healthcare startups. Dr Sai Praveen Haranath is a committed and passionate champion for the practical delivery of ethical healthcare.

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