Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV)

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What you'll learn

Positive pressure therapy is a form of Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV). NIV is a newer concept which is based on the same principle of invasive ventilation, although it differs in the interface. NIV can be delivered using a conventional mechanical ventilator. read more »»

The interface should be airtight for maximum efficiency. NIV has many advantages like it can be applied to an awake person. The mask is removable, thus adds comfort to the patient if the patient needs to talk, eat, or drink. NIV allows delivering a high concentration of oxygen.

NIV is a default choice for cardiogenic pulmonary edema. Positive pressure helps to recruit alveoli which might have collapsed due to edema, which increases the area of gas exchange. NIV requires close monitoring in starting and should be reviewed at frequent intervals.

Who should attend?
Physicians in primary care, family practice as well as interested allied health professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants in this field.

Key concepts covered include:

Basics and practical guidance to Non-Invasive Ventilation in various procedures. This course also covers the clinical applications of NIV.


Dr. Rakesh Periwal

MD Director at Critical Care Apollo Hospitals, Guwahati


Dr Rakesh Periwal, MD, IDCCM is the Director at Critical Care Unit of Apollo Hospitals and also works as the Consultant Internist and Intensivist. He comes with 14 years of experience and his area of special interest is mechanical ventilation, sleep apnea and metabolic disorders. He started the first sleep lab in North-Eastern part of India in the year 2008. He is actively involved in the training of nurses and wishes to broaden the idea of nurse practitioners. He works on patient education using electronic media, especially on chronic and non-communicable diseases. He is a published author with both medical and non-medical writings.

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