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What you'll learn

ICU staff includes doctors (intensivists, physicians), nurses, security, and support staff. Various levels of ICU require a different skillset of staff. There are guidelines pertaining to the doctor to patient ratio, doctor to nurse ratio. The ICU staff must be trained in caring for the critically ill. Policies and procedures ensure an effective match between the needs of the patient and family and the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the staff. read more »»

Because the condition of patients fluctuates constantly, flexible staffing that goes beyond fixed ratios is imperative.
Inappropriate staffing is a persistent and major barrier to delivering optimal patient care and one of the most dangerous threats to patient safety. In this course, you can learn how the staffing solutions can advance patient outcomes while ensuring a better work environment for all members of the healthcare team.

Who should attend?
All Healthcare personnel, such as

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Paramedical Staff
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians practicing Alternative Medicine (AYUSH)

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  • Basics of ICU Staffing
  • Intensive care staffing solutions
  • Staffing requirements for ICU
  • How to improve patient outcomes


Dr. Kamalakar

CEO Admin in Premier Hospitals


He is a doctor with a post-graduation in hospital administration from Medvarsity. He has served in the army medical corps as Lt. Colonel and retired after 25 years of distinguished service. He is a Guest faculty at the University of Hyderabad/ ASCI for MBA courses and advisor to Adviser to IIHMR, Bangalore. He has published several articles in indexed journals, magazines, and newspapers. He has been adjudged BEST HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR 2015. Honored by Chairman, Parliamentary standing committee on Health at DELHI.
He is also the lead auditor, QMS ISO 9001-2015, certified Examiner IMCRB National Quality Award Malcolm Baldridge model, Six Sigma certified, and QMS Consultant- KPMG India.

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