Gastric Surgeries – Nutritional Requirements

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What you'll learn

Post gastric surgeries should be tailored and designed according to the condition of the patient after the procedure. read more »»

Some patients may require additional vitamin and mineral supplementation to ensure that they do not develop any long-term nutritional deficiencies. Diet may vary from patient to patient based on his/her medical history, habits, type of gastric surgery, complications encountered during surgery, etc. Many patients have their gastric functioning normal in a year or so. It is very important to follow diet and drinking instructions starting right after the procedure to a completely healed stage. Learn more about MNT in gastric disorders in this basic course designed by Medvarsity and Dosily.

Who Should Attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • Nurses
  • Life science graduates
  • AYUSH students
  • Students interested in Biological sciences

Key concepts covered include:

“By the end of the course, you will be able to understand:

  • Various surgical methods involved in treating the GI disorders
  • Drugs used to treat GI disorders
  • Post-surgical nutritional management”


Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi

Chief Clinical Dietician


Dr. Priyanka graduated from Sri College of Ayurvedic science and research. in 2009 and has been practicing as an Ayurveda consultant specializing in various treatments like Marma Chikitsa & diet consultations with ayurvedic treatment. She is heading the department of Nutrition at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore. She has 14 years of experience in Clinical Nutrition and Research and teaching. Area of special interest Nutritional management and prevention of Degenerative Diseases. She has 30 National and International publications in the Scientific Journals related to Nutrition. She has 8 gold medals to credit and has been awarded with an International award from the UK, Emerald group for the best scientific work for the year 2007.

For: beginners

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