Improving Clinical outcomes in Diabetes : Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy-Part 2

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What you'll learn

There is no other time in life when the provision of appropriate nutrition is of greater importance than during infancy and childhood. As this phase of life is characterized by rapid growth and development, an adequate amount and composition of substrates both in health and disease are of key importance for growth, functional outcomes, and long-term wellbeing. read more »»

Nutritional status affects every patient’s response and health to illness. Good nutrition is important for achieving normal growth and development. Nutrition services are important in the prevention of disabilities as well as in the treatment and/or rehabilitation of patients with chronic illness. Malnutrition in pediatric patients as well as pregnant women may negatively affect long-term growth and development. Nutritional assessment should, therefore, be an integral part of the care for every patient.

A comprehensive nutrition assessment that includes food and nutrition-related history, anthropometric measurements, biochemical data, medical tests and procedures, nutrition-focused physical findings, and patient history should be completed on these patients as no one parameter is a comprehensive indicator of nutrition status.

This course will help you to improve your knowledge of nutrient needs and distribution, leading international diabetes nutrition guidelines on GI and GL, factors affecting GI, and energy balance, among others.

Who should attend?
All Healthcare personnel, such as

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Paramedical Staff
  • Pharmacists and Physicians practicing Alternative Medicine (AYUSH)

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  • Nutrient Needs and distribution
  • Leading International Diabetes Nutrition Guidelines on GI and GL
  • Factors affecting GI
  • Glycemic response of glucose Vs Beans,
  • Energy Balance
  • Overweight and Obesity


Ms. Haritha Shyam

Dietician and Nutritionist, APOLLO HOSPITALS HYDERABAD


Ms.M S Haritha Shyam is associated with Apollo Hospital for 20 years. Ms.M S Haritha Shyam has been Organising Secretary for the 6th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Conference 2013 at Apollo Health City Hyderabad. Ms.M S Haritha Shyam conducted the International Nutrition survey 2013 at 5 Critical Care Units in Apollo Health City ( course director – Dr. Daren k. Heyland and Dr. Rupinder Dhaliwal, Queens University). Ms.M S Haritha Shyam received the participation Certificate in the World Nutrition Day survey conducted by the European Society of Parenteral And Enteral Nutrition. Ms.M S Haritha Shyam has been a Stroke Nutrition Coordinator for Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. Ms.M S Haritha Shyam guided 200 interns for 6 months Internship for their Master’s Degree In Clinical Nutrition.

For: intermediates

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