Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus

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What you'll learn

The prevalence of diabetes has been one of the most pressing health concerns in the world today. In 2019, approximately 463 million adults were living with diabetes, and the figure is projected to rise to 700 million by 2045. Invariably, the knowledge of diabetes will prove to be a major factor in the treatment of the increasing number of patients, and this online pathophysiology course puts comprehensive emphasis on the etiology of diabetes that involves a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental more »»

The origin and etiology of DM may vary, but the common factors are the defects in pancreatic hormone secretion or response to it, and sometimes both at the same time. Now, multiple etiologies come into the picture when talking about the term “Diabetes Mellitus”, which is a major metabolic disorder. These etiologies can be chronic hyperglycemia with carbohydrate disturbances, fat or dyslipidemia. It may also cause protein metabolism that occurs because of the problems with pancreatic hormone secretion, action, or sometimes both.

Patients with diabetes mellitus may have two types of diabetes – type 1 diabetes, which is idiopathic and immune-mediated), or type 2 diabetes, which is non-hormone-dependent. Type 2 is the most common form of DM characterized by hyperglycemia, hormone deficiency, and hormone resistance.

This online pathophysiology course provides insights on why these conditions are produced and how they are produced along with a detailed account of symptoms and remedies that a healthcare professional should know. Now, diabetes is attributed as the major cause of lower limb amputation, blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, and stroke. This pathophysiology online class will help you gather a broader understanding of the altered biological processes in organisms that precede, accompany, and lead to certain diseases and disorders, thereby enabling you to track the origin of diabetes mellitus.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus requires comprehensive knowledge of pathophysiology, and this online pathophysiology course for nurses and doctors will provide you with insights that will help you in the clinical practice and treating diabetic patients. Furthermore, this pathophysiology and pharmacology online course provides information on the various mechanisms that lead to both the types of diabetes mellitus and their clinical features.

Who Should Attend?

  • General practitioners,
  • Primary care physicians,
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns),
  • Postgraduate students in medicine who treat diabetics in their practice.

What you will learn?

  • Pancreas normal histology
  • Hormone regulation – synthesis, release and action
  • What is Diabetes mellitus (DM)
  • Classification of DM
  • Pathogenesis of type 1 DM
  • Pathogenesis of type 2 DM

Key concepts covered include:

An overview on

  • Pancreas normal histology
  • Hormone regulation – synthesis, release and action
  • What is Diabetes mellitus (DM)
  • Classification of DM
  • Pathogenesis of type 1 DM
  • Pathogenesis of type 2 DM.


Dr. Priyanka Sachdev

Consultant Surgical Pathologist (CHL Hospital, Indore, IN)
Director & Founder (MedLive by Dr. Priyanka)


Dr.Priyanka Sachdev is a Surgical Pathologist with keen interest in medical
She has done her MD from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in Pathology.
Presently working as Surgical Pathologist in a leading hospital in Indore.
Academia and Experience:

  • Lead Medical Educator and Director (2016 to present) of MedLive by Dr.
    Priyanka–Formerly known as MTC.
  • Consultant Surgical Pathologist (2018 to present) at CHL Hospital,
    Indore (MP)
  • Assistant Professor (2017-2018) at Index Medical College and Research
    Center, Indore (MP)
  • Senior Residency (2016) of a year from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • M.D. Pathology (2015) from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • M.B.B.S. (2010) from MGM Medical College, Indore
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