Persistence of hyperglycemia in diabetic patients despite diet regulation and medication

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Diabetes and its complications were responsible for 8.8% of deaths worldwide in 2017. Many of those deaths could be avoided. Western medicine manages the disease with lifestyle changes and medication. The aim of this work is to demonstrate how in Traditional Chinese Medicine, all diseases are associated with Yin and Yang imbalance, including diabetes. read more »»

Although western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) share the diabetes treatment goals of reducing symptoms and preventing complications, their approaches to conceptualizing, diagnosing, and treating the disease are very different. The methods used in this study were two case reports and bibliographic researches of TCM???s medical literature and Five Elements Theory on the pathophysiology of energy imbalances in diabetes, which lead to the manifestation of the clinical symptoms.

The treatment results, looking from the energy point of view, treat the individual as a whole; not only treating the disease but the entire body, as recommends Hippocrates, the father of Medicine. After rebalancing the body???s energy, taking awareness and precaution about internal (emotional) triggers, dietary factors, and external (climatic) triggers, the symptoms??? improvement is noticeable.

Concluding, when looking at patients as a whole, from the point of view of Yin and Yang energy and Five Elements Theory, we can analyze aspects of the diet normally recommended and the use of hypoglycemic medication and/or insulin, and have a greater balance of hyperglycemic diabetic patients, treating them according to the energy point of view with the dietary recommendation, acupuncture, etc.

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Key concepts covered include:

A more holistic view of the human body has major importance. A deeper comprehension of the energy’s behavior, including its relation to pathologies, creates different possibilities of treatment.

The suspension of sugar and high-carbohydrate foods in the diabetic patient’s diet is not sufficient to control the patient’s glycemia alone. Still, the use of high-concentrated medications can be a factor to maintain the hyperglycemic state.

This shows that the integration of Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is important to better control glycemia in diabetes patients.


Dr. Huang Wei Ling

Infectious Disease Specialist (ID Specialist), General Practitioner, Nutrition Doctor, Acupuncturist, Pain Management, Medical Acupuncture, and Pain Management Clinic


Huang Wei Ling, Chinese raised in Brazil since the age of one, graduated in medicine, specializing in infectious and parasitic diseases, a General Practitioner, Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist, Acupuncture and Pain Management. She is the owner of the Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, and since 1997 has been presenting her work worldwide concerning the treatment of various diseases, using techniques based on several medical traditions around the world.

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