Cells and Tissues in the Human Body

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What you'll learn

Cells are the basic unit of living organisms. The human body has trillions of cells and they come in all shapes and sizes. Each type of cell in the human body is specialized for a function. Digestive system cells would be very different from the skeletal system cells. A group of cells form a tissue and a group of tissue form an organ. A group of organs forms an organ system and a group of organ systems form the human body. read more »»

To name a few types – bone cells, cartilage cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, epithelial cells, blood cells, etc. Cells can also be categorized basis their function such as conductive cells, storage cells, connective cells, etc. Learn all about the cells and their functions in the video designed by Medvarsity and Dosily.

Who should attend?
All Healthcare personnel, such as

  • Budding Medicos
  • Dentists
  • AYUSH Students
  • Pharma Students
  • Nurses

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  • Cells and tissues in detail
  • Types of cells
  • Functions of cells
  • Components of cells and tissues


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