Ovulation Induction for IUI

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What you'll learn

Sometimes, women face problems with ovulation and follicles fail to release eggs. It is called anovulation. In this case, ovulation induction becomes a necessary treatment. Anovulation is caused by reproductive disorders that can occur from nutritional disorders, excessive exercise, or even polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Ovulation induction is found to be an effective treatment method for ovulatory disorders that uses medication in order to regulate ovulation or enhance the number of eggs produced during a cycle.read more »»

As per the recent survey, ovulation induction is treatment capable of producing pregnancy rates of 10% to 20% per cycle. Furthermore, it may also restore normal fertility rates of 20% to 25% per month. This ovulation induction course for IUI enables healthcare professionals to understand the treatment method and medication associated with it while also putting a light on various aspects of ovulatory disorders.

At present, about 15-25 % of couples suffer from infertility problems, and the cause of infertility may be due to various reasons such as male or female factors or unexplained infertility. About 1/3rd of couples experience involuntary infertility and unexpected delay in their parenthood. Many treatment options have been introduced to increase fertility chances with medications, surgical procedures, diagnostic aids, and others. Female factor accounts for 70% including ovulatory disorders, oligomenorrhea, restricted growth of ovary or ovum, delayed ovum release, hormonal imbalance, and tubal factor. One procedure that can help in the growth of ovary and in achieving pregnancy is ovulation induction. This is the first tried procedure after a diagnosis of infertility to achieve success in pregnancy. Suppose the female factor exits like hormonal imbalance, delayed ovum release, or malefactors like delayed sperm motility, oligospermia, or teratozoospermia exits. In that case, an ovulation induction procedure is done to increase the chances of fertility. Significant progress has been achieved during the last 20 years in ovulation induction. Although conventional regimens are still in use, new modalities have been developed that may open up new methods in the treatment of anovulation. Knowledge of ovulation, hormones involved in ovulation, procedures for inducing ovulation, medications used should be known by the health care professionals, especially gynaecologists, to treat infertility and give new lives effectively.

An expert speaker delivers this ovulation induction course for doctors. Furthermore, the ovulation induction online classes in this course provide the learners with an introductory overview of the basics of infertility, etiology, and medications used to induce ovulation, the procedure for ovulation, protocols used with the help of flow charts and evidence.

Who all will add value to their careers through this ovulation induction online course?
All healthcare personnel, such as physicians, dentists, nurses, paramedical staff, pharmacists and physicians practising alternative medicine (AYUSH), and budding gynaecologists.

Key takeaways from this ovulation induction course online:
Healthcare professionals interested in the field of gynaecologists will get to learn the basics of ovulation induction and clinical aspects of the treatment.
Basics of infertility, Etiology for infertility, Medications used to induce ovulation, Procedure for ovulation, Protocols used with the help of flow charts and evidence.

Who Should Attend?

All Healthcare personnel such as

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Paramedical Staff
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians practising Alternative Medicine (AYUSH)
  • Budding gynaecologists

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  • Basics of infertility
  • Etiology for infertility
  • Medications used to induce ovulation
  • Procedure for ovulation
  • Protocols used with the help of flow charts and evidence


Dr. Kasi Sellappan

Consultant in Assisted Conception & Reproductive endocrinology Conceive Fertility, Bangalore


Dr. Kasi Sellappan completed my Fertility training in the united kingdom following my training in Advanced Obstetrics and Gynaecology to a consultant level. Following this worked as a Locum consultant in the UK. Even though worked as a full-time consultant in India I still undertake short term work in the United Kingdom.

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