Anemia in Pregnancy Module-1

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DA is common background jeopardy identified for many adverse outcomes in pregnancy. Reproductive age women have a high prevalence of IDA (30%) globally. IDA has been identified to be responsible for over 40% percent of maternal mortality and morbidity. Therefore, regular surveillance, prophylactic therapy, dietary guidance, and treatment are necessary before, during, and after pregnancy. read more »»

Anemia is prevalent despite the recommended universal iron supplementation after 12 weeks of gestation. This is due to multiple factors such as noncompliance to oral iron therapy, depleted iron stores, deficient nutrition, worm infestations, etc. Moderate Anaemia during pregnancy especially during the second trimester is often treated by IVIS and its safety and efficacy are well established.

In clinical practice, management of severe Anaemia in pregnancy with hemoglobin less than 7 gm/dL is challenging. Swift improvement in the iron-deficient state which would benefit the mother and result in better fetal outcome through improved placental perfusion is desired. Additionally, iron stores and oxygen-carrying capacity should be optimized to overcome the losses during delivery and for healing during the post-partum period. This safe and effective modality is essential. Till now, there is no head to head trial comparing IVIS with PCV for severe IDA in pregnancy. Keeping this in mind, this prospective study was planned to offer IVIS to treat severe Anaemia during pregnancy and to compare it with current standard treatment i.e., PCV for safety and efficacy.

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  • OB-GYN
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Key concepts covered include:

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  • Introduction to Anemia in Pregnancy
  • Quantum of Issues: Global: Indian
  • Pathophysiology of Anemia
  • Differentials”


Dr. Girija Wagh

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician & IVF Specialist, Cloudnine, India


Dr. Girija Wagh is a highly qualified obstetrician, gynaecologist, and certified fertility and IVF specialist based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Her expertise comprises of high-risk obstetrics and her extensive practice focuses on all gynaecological procedures including, but not limited to, fertilisation, impregnation and childbirth complications, advanced evidence-based pre/post-natal care, and support through the gestation period. The practice also constitutes of high-risk pregnancy procedures that include preventive care in gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, pre-term birth, and recurrent pregnancy loss.

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