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What you'll learn

Children are unique in the way they process information and learn things from their parents. There are no untalented children. They are just children and each of them is born for a purpose. We have to educate ourself to educate our child. read more »»

Parenting is not ordering, not advising, not doing things for your kid. Parents have a huge part to play in understanding & supporting their children’s emotional & social needs.

The course will provide advice, key strategies & examples of positive parenting. The course will also reveal the secrets of raising happy, confident & well-adjusted children.

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Key concepts covered include:

Parenting, as a subject, has some unique features. It does not require any qualification, degree, or knowledge. But, being a parent is one thing, being a ‘smart’ parent and achieving your parenting objectives leading to a sense of fulfillment and happiness, is another. Our insightful course on smart parenting is for smart parents. Parents who want to be awesome they can take the course.


Dr. Savita Date Menon

Clinical Psychologist and Wellness expert, India


Dr Savita Date Menon, PhD, is a Psychologist having trained at Mumbai University, India. She is also a certified Health & Wellness Expert. She has worked in the field for almost 30 years. 10 years with Tata Steel Hospital, Jamshedpur, where she was responsible for setting up the Dept. of Psychiatry, and where she received several Quality Awards. And over 18 years with Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, where she helped set up Apollolife, the Wellness Company of the Apollo Hospitals Group, in which she pioneered the concept of Rehab & Rejuve, by setting up Holistic Spas in Chennai & Hyderabad, with Rehab, Chronic Disease Management, Wellness & Rejuvenation, all under one roof. Dr. Menon was co Faculty, Harvard Medical School (USA), for a series of Lifestyle Medicine seminars Conducted in India in 2006. She also lectured in Spaulding Hospitals (Harvard Medical School), Boston, USA. She is also Faculty, Apollo Medical College, Avanti Engg colleges and Mofukkam Jha Management College.

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