Introduction to Mental Health Disorders

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With 1 out of 4 people affected by mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD), and others, today, we have a total of more than 792 million people suffering from mental disorders. Although the importance of mental health is realized gradually across the world, there is a concerning lack of mental health awareness and experts who understand counseling and therapy, because of which professionals with skills have a lot of scope for growth in this more »»

This mental health disorders online course is developed to equip healthcare professionals with a broader understanding of the various types of mental health disorder and causes of mental illness. This mental health online certificate course is also relevant to non-healthcare professionals as it also aims to impart mental health awareness.

Persistent cognitive and behavioral changes lead to mental health disorders. These include anxiety and depression in specific and are leading to significant social and economic burden in the world. Mental health is considered key to the overall wellbeing of an individual, across all the age groups. Mental health disorders may be due to social, economic, and personal burdens, which can be only treated by counselling and medications, and this is one of the most comprehensive mental health online training courses from which you can gain knowledge of mental health disorders, which will help you in counseling your patients.

Today, mental wellbeing is considered a major challenge, and one-third of the disabilities are caused by mental health problems in adults, which is a growing concern across the globe as it hampers personally and economically as well. The major age groups suffering from these mental disorders are young children and adolescents as this age represents a transition in central development of the brain and their neurotransmitters. The lack of mental health awareness is one of the main reasons in mental disorders going unnoticed. Even when noticed, non-availability of proper diagnosis, medical care, and high treatments costs are major challenges. This is one of the introductory mental health courses online that aims to bridge this gap in the mental healthcare delivery system.

Since mental health problems have a significant impact on the development of society, they need to be acknowledged and dealt effectively. Various patho-physiologies and classifications were designed to understand the neurobiology of anxiety disorders in a better way, and the content in this course is equivalent to that in the best online psychology courses, which will help you understand all the aspects thoroughly.

All the aforementioned aspects regarding mental health should be known by healthcare professionals for effective treatment of the patients with appropriate medications and psycho therapies or combination of both. Through this online certificate course in psychiatry, you will gain the knowledge of mental health problems, which in turn, will help you to manage patients in a better way. Furthermore, you will receive a mental health certificate online that will add value to your career.

Though a psychiatrist can treat these patients, other healthcare professionals should have a basic knowledge on mental health disorders for easy and effective diagnosis, and this mental health awareness course online is aimed to help all the healthcare professionals develop skills to identify mental health disorders.

This mental health certificate course enables prompt treatment and helps in preventing any adverse disorders.

It’s one of the best online certificate courses in mental health that aim to provide information on various mental disorders, their onset, causes of mental illness, diagnosis, and prevention.
The mental health online course will also discuss the society’s influence on mentally ill patients.
So, if you are looking for mental health courses distance learning, this is an online course in mental health, which covers various aspects of mental health disorders, and how to identify them.

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Key concepts covered include:

  • Introduction to Mental Health
  • Family and Mental Health
  • Classification and Screening of MHD


Dr. Roshan Jain

Sr Consultant Psychiatrist & De-addiction Specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

Professor of Psychiatry, International Medical School, Bangalore


Dr. Roshan Jain is a qualified medical practitioner since 1995 and has over 22 years of experience in general psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy, teaching, and motivational work.

After qualifying from J.J.M Medical College (Davangere, India), he moved to the United Kingdom. He obtained Membership of the Royal College read more »» of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych, London), Masters of Medical Sciences in Clinical Psychiatry (MMedSc, University of Nottingham), and Certificate of Completion of Higher Specialist Training (CCST) in General Adult Psychiatry, with specialist endorsement in Substance Misuse (addiction) Psychiatry.In recognition of the high quality of his work he received the Clinical Excellence Award (CEA) from the National Health Service (England)

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