Overview of Common Communicable Diseases

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Communicable diseases, also called infectious diseases, are generally caused by microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasitic organisms. They spread either directly through contact with contaminated surfaces, bodily fluids, blood products, or indirectly from one person to another or from animals to persons (zoonotic diseases) by insect bites, or from contaminated food, air, and water.read more »»

More than 200 infectious diseases are listed in the American Public Health Association Control of Communicable Diseases. The most common age groups that are constantly and frequently affected by these types of diseases are children below 10 years of age and adults > 65 years of age, especially due to the compromised immunity towards the common communicable diseases. Adults with comorbidities increase their chance of acquiring these communicable diseases and all of these would be interconnected in a structured way. Communicable diseases constitute a considerable portion of the global population in terms of mortality and morbidity and are increasing day by day in low and middle-income countries because of which the knowledge of preventing and managing communicable diseases is imperative.

Preventing and controlling communicable diseases in highly populated countries is the stepping stone for creating a disease-free world. This can be done only by healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical researchers, who can effectively control the spread of the disease by producing vaccines against the diseases. Therefore, communicable diseases being a global burden, healthcare professionals should not only focus on the basics of communicable diseases but should also improve their knowledge, which will enable them to evaluate and assure a suitable medical therapy for the affected patients and treat them according to their age, associated comorbidities, risk factors, economic status, suitable guidelines, and other aspects.

Furthermore, nurses play an important role in controlling mortality due to these diseases. This online infectious diseases course covers the nursing management of common communicable diseases.
This common communicable diseases and their prevention online training will give a detailed explanation about the various types of communicable diseases, their causes, associated risk factors, signs, and symptoms. This course will also enable them to emphasize on vaccination and implement preventive measures to avoid further transmission of various communicable diseases.

Who Should Attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • Nurses
  • life science graduates

Key concepts covered include:

Overview of Communicable Diseases

  • Tuberculosis
  • SARS
  • Hepatitis
  • Amoebiasis
  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Rabies
  • AIDS
  • Gonorrhea


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