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What you'll learn

Every year, more than 40,000 adults die due to diseases or their complications that are preventable through vaccination. Immunization is the safest and cost-effective measure we can adopt to protect ourselves from potentially fatal diseases and prevent life threatening illnesses. The need for vaccinations is not only meant for kids but adults too need vaccinations for increasing their immunity from fatal diseases. In fact, there are specific ages in our adult life when the need for immunization arises. Many vaccines are readily available and offer a cost-effective way to prevent the disease. Immunizations save many healthcare economies by preventing illness and keeping people healthy and avoiding expenses at more »»

Adults whose immune systems are compromised have a higher risk of communicable diseases and should take every precaution to get immunized. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza and pneumonia together are the fifth leading cause of death among adults of the age 65 or more, and therefore, immunization is a necessity. This is an online vaccination training which contains all the aspects of adult immunization that a healthcare professional should know.

It is imperative for adults to get vaccinated in order to prevent harmful diseases and maintain health. Vaccination aids in immunity for newer co-morbidities and provides protection against diseases when immunity is suppressed. All over the world millions of adults fall seriously ill and get hospitalized for diseases that could be easily prevented by vaccines.

The knowledge of vaccines should be a part of the learning process for every healthcare professional which could help them prevent diseases better. Each aspect of this adult immunization online course is churned into an “easy to learn” and “easy to understand” content, which mainly focuses on insightful guidelines and components of disease prevention by Immunization, put forth by international agencies like WHO and CDC. The immunization certification course online also talks about vaccines for healthy adults, high-risk individuals and adults in special situations in a simplified and lucid manner while also ensuring that you get access to comprehensive information on this vast subject.

The curriculum also consists of insights for nurses as immunization training for nurses as they play a vital role in the process of immunization.

This is also an immunization training for medical assistants or immunization training for pharmacists as the subject is also important for professionals in the respective fields

Who should attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • nurses
  • life science graduates

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to Adult Immunization
  • Vaccines for Healthy Adults
  • Vaccines for High-Risk Individuals
  • Vaccines for Adults in Special Situations

Key concepts covered include:

  • Introduction to Adult Immunization
  • Vaccines for Healthy Adults
  • Vaccines for High-Risk Individuals
  • Vaccines for Adults in Special Situations


Dr. Ravi Kiran

Infectious Disease Specialist, Apollo Health City, Hyderabad


Dr. Ravikiran Abraham Barigala is one of the best Infectious Disease Specialists in Hyderabad with an experience of 10 years in Infectious Diseases.

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