Health Insurance – Patient Segmentation

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What you'll learn

Patient segmentation is the division of the total number of patients into smaller segments. There are several patients that visit a hospital, some need outpatient care, some need admission, some just need to undergo some healthcare checkups. A division of patients into brackets such as these would allow us to segregate patients and design a system that cares for the needs of the segment. read more »»

We can design the layout of a hospital basis the needs and purpose of each segment of the patient. Even marketing policies can be designed effectively. Apart from this, there can be patients who pay for the services in cash or credit, while some may have an insurance policy. There are several kinds of segmentations that are possible and can make healthcare delivery optimal.

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Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Job seekers in the insurance management sector
  • Individuals aspiring to market insurance products
  • Students wanting to specialize in insurance

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  •  What is the patient segmentation?
  • Segregation of patients
  • Insurance segment patients
  • How is segmentation advantageous to hospitals?


Mr. Atulya Nidhi

Deputy General Manager – Operations, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad


Spearheading operations and general administration for a global conglomerate whilst developing cross-functional experience in client relationship management and overall organizational development.

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