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The future of technology in healthcare education is exciting. Online learning simulations are an integral part of a future-proofed education system. Simulation is interactive and engages your brain, making it a powerful way to learn, practice and perfect your cognitive clinical skills. Health care education can only be well practiced if there are ongoing opportunities to practice, rehearse and test skills – this can easily be provided through online simulations which help to build better understanding of procedures and the anatomy and physiology of the body.

SIMTICS is an expansive library of nearly 200 health care simulation modules used by over 350 education institutions worldwide. It was conceived by medical professionals to enhance the education of health care students and enable them to learn from anywhere at any time. SIMTICS provides a better learning facility for health care professionals with simulations, demo videos, quizzes and more – everything you need to learn each procedure, without needing to search different sources.

SIMTICS is a product from SimTutor Inc. (SimTutor). SimTutor offers comprehensive simulation-based eLearning solutions – from off-the-shelf to build-your-own – to support any organization’s training needs. As well as the SIMTICS library, they also offer SimTutor Author, a content authoring platform designed for education administrators to develop their own custom or semi-custom courses.

SimTutor’s education solutions are designed to improve training outcomes, fill education gaps, and keep the medical professionals we trust prepared to provide excellent care. Healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, education institutions, employers and more trust SimTutor for its simulation solutions that are designed to prepare learners for mission-critical moments in their daily work.

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