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In addition to online medical courses for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, we also host videos by experts who talk on a wide range of subjects. These insights help you stay updated with the latest scenarios and methodologies in the healthcare ecosystem.

At Dosily, we have experts on-board that have rich experience in infectious diseases, epidemiology & biostatistics, mental health, cardiology, nutrition & wellness, oncology, healthcare management, diabetes, general medicine, digital health, health administration, and other subjects of healthcare.

Salient features –
  • Access to the knowledge shared by prominent healthcare figures.
  • Takeaways from the rich experience of well-known experts in the healthcare industry.
  • Latest tips and tactics relevant to the current scenario of healthcare that enhance your practice.
  • Demonstration of methodologies relevant to subject matter that help you gain a broader understanding of the practical approach.

Expert Sessions

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C— Covid19

Leveraging Healthcare Informatics in the management of COVID-19

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C— Covid19

SARS COV-2 Testing

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C— Covid19

COVID-19 and Comorbities

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C— Covid19

Mental Health and COVID-19


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