Integrate mental health and well-being in your organisation’s work culture – A Mentored workshop
July 27, 2020,11:00 PM IST
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About the Summit

Studies have revealed that there is a direct impact of an employee’s mental health on productivity, and workforce wellbeing can substantially enhance the outcomes by lessening the attrition rates and reducing absenteeism, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the organization.

However, with the stigma associated with mental health, there’s very less personnel that address the issue, and that’s why it’s important for organizations to communicate effectively on the subject and develop policies and strategies that promote the mental wellbeing of individuals in the organization.

Incorporating mental health initiatives and investments in the organization will not only ensure improved outcomes but also ensure the overall well-being of the workforce.

Key Take Aways :
  • The impact of mental health on your workforce and overall productivity
  • Understand mental health and mental illnesses at the workplace
  • Know how mental health problems cost a loss of $1 trillion to the global economy
  • Understand the role of management and human resource professionals in reducing the impact of mental health problems on your organization’s goals

Common mental health concerns, signs, and symptoms
  • Learn about the types of mental health issues that can affect your workforce
  • Identify the symptoms to take proactive actions
  • Understand the behavioral changes due to mental health issues

The importance of empathy in communication
  • Learn to communicate empathetically with the employee going through mental health issues
  • How to involve employees in the decision-making process and instill a sense of control & participation, thereby maintaining a morale boost
  • The role of workforce management policies in promoting better mental health in employees

Essentials of self-care in mental health
  • The importance of organizational self-care or collective self-care
  • Reduction of burnout and compassion fatigue in the organization
  • Encourage the growth of staff and improve job satisfaction

Who can attend?
    HR Leaders, COOs and CEOs of Non-Healthcare Corporate organizations
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