As COVID-19 has become a pandemic and is rapidly spreading, hospitals across the world are providing services such as mechanical support to the patients. There might be enough ventilators available across healthcare facilities; however, there is a paucity of clinical physicians who know the operations and functionalities of a mechanical ventilator. There are so many respiratory therapists who are managing the patients, but in the extreme times of crisis like that of COVID-19, patients’ count might exceed the number of skilled professionals available.

This online ventilator simulation program aims to provide training on mechanical ventilation for all healthcare professionals such as nurses, therapists, clinical physicians, clinical pharmacists, and other medical staff working in the hospitals spread across the globe. Moreover, this online ventilator training featuring experts all over the world also helps all the healthcare professionals to understand the mechanism and working of a ventilator which they can implement to operate ventilators in order to save as many lives as possible, thereby adding great value to public health.

Through the online mechanical ventilator live demonstration training, Dosily provides you with different learning modules through a series of webinars leading to a holistic learning experience. This online ventilator simulation training webinar developed by prominent experts across the globe will help all the healthcare professionals gain the necessary skills and competencies required in the usage of a ventilator and implement them in the real-life scenarios, thereby contributing to saving many lives.

Mechanical Ventilator Overview for Better Care of COVID-19 Patients:

The live online ventilator simulation training is particularly aimed to equip the healthcare professionals to treat their patients during the crisis and ensure that the hospital staff is well-versed with the mechanist and functionality of a mechanical ventilator to impart better care. It is also relevant to you if you are a patient as it gives you a broader idea of the process and ensures patient and HCP’s safety during ventilation. Share this link to all the healthcare professionals such as nurses, clinicians, emergency physicians, clinical pharmacists, and other medical staff and contribute to public health.

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Live Demonstration Training for Hospital Staff and
Healthcare Professionals:

Through this online mechanical ventilator training for healthcare professionals, you will gain
a broader understanding of the nuances of a mechanical ventilator and its usage. Upskill with Dosily
and ensure that you are well-versed with the functioning of a ventilator and how to use it to
save a patient’s life.

For State/Local Emergency Leader:

Train all the healthcare professionals in your region and increase the skill capacity in your locality. Through this live ventilator training webinar, you can make sure that your locality has trained and certified healthcare professionals who can operate a ventilator to save the lives of patients.

Spread the word by sharing the link of Dosily’s online ventilator training program and make an impact on public health.

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