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From a small corner of the world to a roaring global pandemic - Covid19 took the world by storm in a few short months in the beginning of 2020. And now, in 2021, despite increased research and awareness, and India organising the largest vaccine drive in the world, we are still in the dark against this disease.

In a collaborative effort between Medvarsity Online Limited and Partner Hospital. we bring to you free online courses in Covid19 awareness, diagnoses, treatment, and management. These advanced training modules include primary and secondary care, end of life care, mechanical ventilation management, nasal swab techniques, vaccine administration, ARDS, and also post-Covid19 impact on the pulmonary system.

From understanding the pathophysiology of the virus to tackling managerial and administrative challenges due to the pandemic, these courses will equip you in handling Covid19 patients, improving healthcare services, and improving patient outcomes.

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