Ultrasound Assessment of Fetal Growth and High-Risk Pregnancies

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What you'll learn

Obstetric ultrasound is the most powerful way to assess the fetus. The importance and usage of ultrasound in medicine today are ubiquitous and used to study every aspect of the body. It uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the body on to the monitor. It is also called sonography. This is similar to sonar and radar which helps in detecting military planes and ships. This is generally used in obstetrical practice and perinatal medicine because it offers important information regarding the morphological and physiological development of the fetus.

This can detect major congenital defects peri natally which can help the doctor to analyze the condition of the developing baby well. It can provide very important diagnostic information of developing baby, its organs, heartbeat, neural development, etc.. This module teaches you how to prepare for and perform an ultrasound assessment of fetal growth and high-risk pregnancies. The interactive simulator provides three different scan scenarios that you might encounter in a clinical situation.

The module enables students and practitioners to build or refresh knowledge and cognitive skills and offers a safe online practice environment so you can prepare for the real clinical world. It is ideal if you are studying for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) registry exams.

Who should attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • Nurses
  • life science graduates
  • Radiography technicians


Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  • Understanding the key structures and components of the fetus at various stages of development during the second and third trimesters.
  • The criteria and testing of fetal well-being, including the biophysical profile
  • How to evaluate normal and abnormal findings
  • How intrauterine growth restriction is evaluated by ultrasound
  • About peri- and post-pregnancy maternal diseases

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