Intramuscular Injections

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What you'll learn

Intramuscular injections are commonly practiced drug administration techniques in the medical field. Most of the injectable drugs are delivered intramuscularly. Intramuscular injections are administered directly into the muscles, which allows the medication to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Intramuscular injections are also used for administering large amounts of medication or where oral intake is not possible.

Whenever other types of drug administrations like oral, intravenous, subcutaneous techniques are not recommended, intramuscular injections have a major role. They are absorbed faster than subcutaneous injections because muscle tissue has greater blood supply than the tissue present under the skin. Muscle tissue can also hold more amount of medication than subcutaneous tissue. The most commonly administered sites of intramuscular injections are the deltoid muscle of the arm, ventrolateral muscle of hip, Vastus lateralis muscle of thigh, and dorsogluteal muscle of buttocks.

All have their own advantages in their technique and are very technique sensitive which may lead to complications if not given in a proper location. Therefore knowledge of intramuscular injections, their advantages, disadvantages, indications, contraindications, anatomical landmarks for the injection site, complications of the wrong technique is very important for health care providers like doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, etc.

Therefore, this course explains how to prepare for and administer intramuscular injections into various sites (deltoid, vastus lateralis, dorsogluteal, ventrolateral) using powdered and liquid medication. Including both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator offers three scenarios that test your ability to administer intramuscular injections into different sites.

Who should attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine
  • Nurses
  • Life science graduates

Key concepts covered include:

An overview of

  • Appropriate needle and syringe selection for intramuscular injections
  • Important safety considerations
  • To visualize the key anatomical structures comprising the main muscles of the upper and lower body, using our anatomy illustrations and 3D model
  • To understand the deltoid, vastus lateralis, and dorsogluteal injection sites, and when to use each method for reducing patient discomfort
  • How to prepare the substance to be injected
  • To practice and perfect your skills in administering an intramuscular injection using the deltoid, vastus lateralis, or dorsogluteal sites

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