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What you'll learn

Today, as much as 31 million people have a drug use disorder. On the other hand, 11 million people having HIV/Hepatitis B inject drugs. This is creating an increasing demand for medical toxicology experts, and this toxicology online course covers the basics of the subject. Medical toxicology is a field of science involved with the disciplines that require chemical identification, clinical effects, diagnosis, and management of poisoning due to drugs. This also involves the study of occupation & environmental toxins and biological agents along with the treatment of chemical intoxication in human beings. Because the field bears a very close relationship with medicine, American Board of Medical Specialties has considered toxicology as a subspecialty in medicine.read more »»

There is a need for medical toxicologists in a gamut of professional setups, and their roles and responsibilities include the direct treatment & consultation of acutely poisoned patients in the emergency medicine department and intensive care units (ICU). Furthermore, toxicologists have a huge role to play in poison control management centers, industries where workers are vulnerable to poisoning, commercial, and government regulatory bodies as well. This is one of the most comprehensive online toxicology training courses that would provide you with insights on the application of toxicology in various fields along with the intricacies of know-how pertaining to those fields.

Additionally, the study material is equivalent to that of forensic toxicology courses, which will enable the knowledge of the application of toxicology in forensic studies. Toxicology used to be a much-neglected subject in the curriculum of medicine despite articles written back in 1980 that recommend the addition of toxicology to medical studies. However, the field has started gaining recognition in recent years leading to increasing demand for healthcare professionals to understand the subject. This online advanced toxicology course provides you an in-depth knowledge of science along with its implementation in medicine and other allied fields. This online toxicology crash course also focuses on the practice and educational interventions of the field along with topics that are often a part of a post-graduation program. Considering the application of clinical toxicology in practice, it is important for medical students and doctors to learn ways to facilitate it. Thorough knowledge of clinical toxicology will lead to a reduction in injury burden due to poisoning and other drug-related disorders that are preventable. This online toxicology class will introduce you to the various disciplines in toxicology that range from pharmacological to environmental sciences. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of poisoning and its classification. This toxicology online course consists of 5 modules and the duration is approximately 30 minutes.

Who should attend?

  • General practitioners
  • Primary care physicians
  • Undergraduate medical students (Interns)
  • Postgraduate students in medicine.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding of toxicology and its principles
  • Various disciplines in toxicology that range from pharmacology to environmental sciences
  • Classification of poisonings and their management
  • Roles and responsibilities of a toxicologist

Key concepts covered include:

A complete overview on

  • What is Toxicology, Its principles
  • Various disciplines in toxicology that range from Pharmacology to Environmental Sciences.
  • Classification of poisons and their management.
  • The roles and responsibilities of a Toxicologist.


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